Valumat, the management body for extended manufacturer responsibility for mattresses


  • You are a professional seller of mattresses.
  • You voluntarily collect discarded mattresses from your customers for free when they buy a new mattress.
  • You have the discarded mattresses collected by an homologated Valumat collector or by an approved reuse centre.
  • The type of mattress falls under the scope of the take-back obligation.
  • You store the mattresses in a dry and with no risk of contamination.
  • You agree on the modalities and costs of collection in mutual consultation with your collector.


Valumat provides a financial incentive for final sellers of mattresses who voluntarily accept discarded mattresses when purchasing a new mattress. For practical reasons, that amount is calculated on the basis of the collected tonnage (600 €/ton). This equates to approx. 9 € per mattress.

Valumat determines this fixed amount annually depending on the market conditions for collection, transport and processing.

How do you apply for compensation?

You don't have to do anything yourself. It is your collector who annually forwards your data to Valumat.
You log into our website with your unique code that you receive from Valumat in April of the year following the year of collection and Valumat takes care of the payment of your fee.

When will you receive your compensation?

The fees related to collections in 2024 will be paid by Valumat in 2025.

For your accounting

The Valumat financial compensation is free of VAT. You do not have to send invoices and you do not receive a credit note. You book your final compensation on a 74-account (other operating income).

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