Valumat, the management body for extended manufacturer responsibility for mattresses
Calculating the environmental contribution to your customers

Calculating the environmental contribution to your customers

From 1 January 2021, the participants in the Valumat system will pass on the determined Valumat contribution to their customers.
On invoices between professionals (with VAT number, B2B), the contribution must be clearly specified on the invoice. This can be via a text line (environmental contributions included) or by explicitly specifying the amount of the environmental contributions.
For sales to consumers (B2C), it is not necessary to specify this amount on the invoice or receipt, but it is allowed. The consumer can be informed via other means of communication (e.g. posters, price labels in the shop, mention in advertising brochures, etc.) that his total price includes the environmental contribution.

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What are the environmental contributions used for?

A significant portion of the contributions serves to reimburse the costs of the use of the recycling centres, the transport and processing of discarded mattresses. Valumat reimburses the final sellers for voluntary collection and the professional market for collection through an approved collector.
In addition to the operating costs, Valumat also provides a budget for research and development towards an easily dismantlable and recyclable mattress.

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