Valumat, the management body for extended manufacturer responsibility for mattresses

Mission/vision Valumat


Valumat vzw is the management body for extended producers responsibility, established and financed by the sector, with the mission of collecting all discarded mattresses (cost-)efficiëntly and processing them sustainably.

Via a working group “design for circularity”, Valumat finances the search for collective solutions for the sector to achieve its mission.

Valumat works to this end in full transparency with all stakeholders (producers and importers, collectors, processors, governments, local authorities,…).

Valumat wishes to keep the administrative burden to a minimum for all concerned.

Valumat ensures that its participants comply with extended producers responsibility “discarded mattresses”.

Valumat lets the free market play and works together with collectors and dismantelers for the collection and processing of discarded mattresses.

Valumat wants as many producers and importers of mattresses as possible to participate in the Valumat system (maximum market coverage).


It is Valumat's ambition to stimulate ecodesign so that in the long term all the materials from discarded mattresses get a new life to close the material cycle within the circular economy.

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