Valumat, the management body for extended manufacturer responsibility for mattresses
Why join?

Why join?

Are you subject to the take-back obligation for mattresses as a manufacturer or importer? Do you get lost in the red tape that the implementation of this obligation entails?
No problem, join Valumat. Valumat then takes over the practical modalities of your take-back obligation. This way you comply completely with your legal obligations. And what is more, in all three regions.

How do you join?

If you are subject to the take-back obligation, you can simply join the Valumat system.

We call manufacturers and importers of mattresses who join the Valumat system “participants”. To this end, they sign a membership agreement. Since the agreements with the regions are still being negotiated, the final text of the membership agreement is not yet known. It is anticipated that it will be available by the autumn.

Joining retroactively

If a manufacturer or importer joins the Valumat system at a later date and they have already brought mattresses onto the Belgian market in 2021 and cannot demonstrate that they complied with the legislation through an individual plan, then upon entry into the Valumat system, the contributions will always be charged from 1 January 2021, the date of the entry into force of the take-back obligation.

In this way Valumat wants to avoid discrimination with regard to companies that have been affiliated with Valumat from the start of their activities and have therefore always paid their contributions.

By joining retroactively, you also avoid any fines for not individually complying with your take-back obligation.

Not in line with the legislation?

We call manufacturers and importers who do not comply with the legislation “free riders”.

It is not within the powers of Valumat to punish free riders. Valumat will keep a close eye on the market and try to convince these free riders to join.

If this fails, we will pass on the names to the regional authorities that can carry out checks, can remind companies to join Valumat and, in the last instance, can proceed to make an official report.

Who is still affiliated?

Wondering which companies are participating in the Valumat system for the recycling of mattresses?
Download the list here.

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